fjcpic3e-hotelier.com was founded in 1997 in order to provide both a presence on the internet and a business name that all hoteliers can identify with, meeting ongoing trends within the industry. Prior to 1997 Frank conducted business under fjc consulting since 1991 which later transitioned into e-hotelier.com.

Frank has been involved in the hotel and hospitality industry since the mid seventies when he joined the staff of the Holiday Inn Hamilton Ontario Canada. He subsequently worked with many full service properties in Ontario, Northwest Territories and Alberta as well as Bermuda and The Bahamas.  

In 1990 having secured full residency in the USA, e-hotelier was based in Florida, and provided consulting services in hotel operations and finance, hotel controllerlship – back office systems, property management systems to properties throughout the USA and the Caribbean including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Vieques and The Cook Islands in the south Pacific. Having recently returned to Canada, Frank now works internationally undertaking projects worldwide with recent completions in Turks and Caicos and Alaska. 

Frank also had a unique and most rewarding opportunity to have worked in Russia just a few weeks after the fall of communism in 1992 with the Aerostar Hotel, a joint venture between a Canadian Hotel company and Aeroflot Airlines in opening this new property that catered to the influx of western business entrepreneurs and corporate business. This consulting assignment lasted the better part of 1992 and 93 concentrating on Credit and Collections and back office applications.  

Now that e-hotelier.com has become Frank’s avenue to ongoing and upcoming consulting projects within the industry, e-hotelier.com is positioned to address a number of disciplines that the hotel business demands in establishing profitable properties. With an international background in the hotel business and the further expansion into sales and marketing and media development e-hotelier.com is now positioned to provide expertise consulting in hotel operations, hotel accounting, internal controls, labor productivity standards establishment and most recently property wide photo-shoots to enhance your presence on the internet and publications. 

At e-hotelier.com – “we speak hospitality” .                                                                                                     myname  


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